Essential to know about HSE

Why HSE can be ranked among the best American Universities/ Ivy League

1.Higher School of Economics and Brown University provide an active life for students
Brown is called «the happiest university of the USA». It has the most active student life across all the universities of «The Ivy League». It includes not only parties and some extracurricular activities, but also a lot of societies. Moreover, Brown University offers a variety of sports clubs. Regarding HSE, iwe can proudly call « HSE day», huge number of student organizations, sports clubs and free admission to all gyms. These features make our university also attractive from extracurricular side.

2. Higher School of Economics and Harvard University have approximately equal number of lecturers
Today there are about 2000 lectures, who work at Harvard. Students have the opportunity to consult with professors during an «office hour», which is held twice a week. Moreover, there are more than 900 teachers, who work on a permanent contract. Most of them are the scientists, who have achieved a lot in science. Lecturers don’t held scientific studies. Higher School of Economics also employs over 3000 teachers. It includes not only the professors with honorary titles, but also lecturers, who have a degree from a foreign University. All students have the opportunity to connect with professors or discuss the issues with assistants.

3. The official symbols of Higher School of Economics and Yale University are animals
The mascot of American University is a bulldog, Handsome Dan, which not only serves as a symbol of football team, but also is reflected in toys, dolls, prints on hoodies. Moreover, the title of «Handsome Dan» is passed from dog to dog. After the death of the animal, the title goes to the dog chosen for this position. The official mascot of Higher School of Economics is a crow. The idea of this symbol appeared while creation of the booklet in 1996 by Anna Arenshtein. Funny illustrations were used to emphasize the liberal spirit of the University.

4. Higher School of Economics and Columbia University publish their journals
Columbia University is known not only as one of the eight universities of «The Ivy League», but also as a publisher of popular scientific journals. The most recognised are literary journal «The Blue and White», three political journals «The Current»,» Columbia Political Review» and «Columbia Political Union», also one of the oldest student newspapers «Columbia Daily Spectator». Higher School of Economics publish about 20 journals, moreover, there are also electronic ones. The most famous are «HSE Economic Journal» and «Demoscope Weekly».

5. Higher School of Economics and Dartmouth College are renowned for their
economic faculties
Economic faculty of Dartmouth College offers programs including finance, international economy, macroeconomics, statistics and data analysis. These disciplines are included in the department of social science and help to solve global problems of the society. The economic faculty of HSE is the first and the largest at the whole University. Students also can choose the most interesting subjects for them, receiving at the same time basic training in scopes such as mathematics, statistics, econometrics and various disciplines in foreign languages. Moreover, students have the opportunity to choose a specialization on the forth year of studying.

6. Higher School of Economics and Cornell University have campuses in different cities
Today Cornell University has three campuses, two of which are in the USA, and one campus abroad. The main one is located in Ithaca, New York, and takes 3 square meters. Medical campus is located in the city of New York, and the branch, the third campus, is located in Qatar. At the same time Higher school of economics has four campuses in Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm. Accurately, Higher School of Economics has more than 50 buildings, most of them are located in the capital. The university buildings also include dormitories, hotels, sports facilities.

7. Higher School of Economics and Princeton University have their own unofficial anthems
Often during the events of Princeton you can hear the song, written by Bob Dylan in honor of the degree of Doctor. (Bob Dylan — Day of the Locusts). Unofficial anthem of Higher school of economics is called «Fat». The anthem’s words are put on music of the popular song of DDT «Whistled».

8. Higher School of Economics and University of Pennsylvania are research universities
Penn is one of the main research universities in the world. It confirms its status by the quantity and quality of researches of all the faculties of the university. Important innovative studies are carried out not only by scientists, but also by students. In 2009 Higher School of Economics became one of the winners in the competition for the title «National Research University». Today, HSE has joint research projects with Beijing, Shanghai, Stanford University and London school of Economics and Political science.

Text was written by Ksenia Varakina