Feel like a foreigner

Why HSE could be considered as the foreign University? We chose the list of opportunities which are provided by HSE as well as by the Universities which are ranked as the best ones

1) It’s not widely known that HSE has honorary professors. As an example we could name Kenneth Joseph Arrow. He is known as a Nobel prize winner. He worked at Harward, Stanford and Chikago University. As he was in Moscow in 2012 he read a lecture at the April International Conference. At that time he was announced as the professor of HSE. Basically, there are about 18 people who achieved this position. Among them are Alexei Kudrin, the former Russian minister, Stanley Fischer, who took a position of Vice President at the World Bank and First Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund.

2) Although the honorary professors don’t deliver lectures there are plenty of opportunities to listen to the best ones who lead their subjects on English and have a PHD of the foreign university. Practically each faculty could name such professors — if we speak about economics there are going to be the whole list of them. So there is always a chance to visit their lectures, discuss a topic of the research as well as ask them to lead the course work. At HSE it’s allowed to write it not only on Russian but on English as well.


3) HSE is popular with the double-degree programmes. It’s known that graduates of ICEF (International College of Economics and Finance) faculty gain two diplomas — of HSE and London School of Economics, the last one is always at the top of the world Universities. Moreover, for other faculties there is an opportunity to study at Sorbonne, Warwick Business School, University College London. There are also places at Japan, Argentina, South Korea — practically each country you can ever imagine. Especially a great choice is for those who attain a master’s degree. For undergraduates it’s like an exchange programme which is not supplied with the diploma of the foreign university. Just experience and lots of emotions.

4) Speaking about international students, there is a perfect website page which was made especially for them. «Istudents.hse.ru» opens new frontiers for russian students as well. There is a secture which called «Life in Moscow». It’s a great source where you could take fresh ideas about the city. Furthermore, there is a mini-guide to «HSE Neighbourhoods». It provides lots of information about the places which surround the campuses. It’s easy to find there something new. Obviously, it’s rather interesting to see the life from the new point of view.


The photo is taken from the web-site: www.hse.ru

5) Like foreign universities arrange summer schools for the international students it’s the same about HSE. Here it’s called Summer University. There is a great range of courses starting with computer science, ending with culture. It’s said that more than 1000 students participated in it in 2014. By the way these programmes are held not only at Moscow, there are plenty of them at Petersburg and Nigniy Novgorod.

Frankly, it’s impossible to name all the opportunities provided by HSE. There are thousand of e-versions of different magazines (just need to get to online profile at the library), conferences, seminars, workshops which are delivered by the best foreign politicians, scientists and professors. There is a calendar on the official web-site (hse.ru) which could help to stay tuned.